Best practice and best fit rewards system

To put everything under consideration, both models offer organizations powerful tools for shaping human resource management processes. Developing effective performance reviews. Wood acknowledges the difficulty caused by incorporating performancerelated pay PRP as part of the high commitment model HCM because it can undermine feelings of competence and self-determination.

The more knowledgeable the staff are, the more effective and efficient their outcome or performance will be on the job. As we will see, even the same theory can be interpreted in different ways and used to support alternative pay system designs.

Tricky stuff…because people are complex animals. Despite all the criticisms of the best practice, some advantages have been attributed to the approach. Is Compensation guilty of assumptions when adopting best practices.

It will also strongly influence the kind of decision structure that exists. However, it is important when designing, implementing and using a reward strategy, that it meets both individual and organisational needs.

The objectives of a strategic reward system are; attract and retain employees, motivate performance, promote skill development, encourage corporate culture and determine pay costs. The assumption is usually made that the higher the revenue per employee the better. February 10, at 3: These responsibilities serve as a basis for teams to function well.

Best Practice VS Best Fit

So many authors have written different reviews and articles on Best Practice and Best Fit as strategic tools of achieving the predetermined business objectives.

Links between strategic and total reward The use of total reward may form part of a strategic approach to reward for many employers. The use of strategic rewards should offer more value for the given cost of a reward by effectively driving performance linked to organizational objectives.

Advocates of this approach suggest vertical integration where control can be achieved through human resources practices and process is taken as the key element Jackson and Schuler Marchington and Grugulis Software of the Mind, London observed IBM staffs in over 50 countries where he established cultural dimensions facing nationalities.

Reward management is a vital part of the total SHRM process as it supports the achievement of strategic objectives through the communication of desired behaviours to employees.

Rewards can be either intrinsic or extrinsic. Moreover, its flaws focus on the limitation of the search for contingency as well as the difficulty in showing their interconnection.

Best Practice Reward Systems

So is there really any way for Compensation to find companies that mirror the same business circumstances in order to adopt best compensation practices?.

The terms ‘best fit’ and ‘best practice ’ are used in strategic human resource management literature and are applied to the specific policy area of reward systems.

best fit vs. BEST PRACTICE 1 Competitive Strategy Paper Andrew McGuire Indiana Wesleyan University MGT Total Rewards January 27, Instructor Dwane Thomas I have read and understand the plagiarism policy as outlined in the syllabus and the sections in the Student Bulletin relating to the IWU Honesty/Cheating Policy%(13).

Organizations can wok within the framework both the best fit and best practice. I agree with the best fit that suggests that a close alignment between organizational strategy and different systems that it employs like the rewards will go along way in improving the efficiency of the organization.

Best Practice as an Approach in HRM The relationship between performance and human resources management of UBA can be linked to two approaches which are the “best practice” and “best fit”.

«The Roles and Rewards of Innovation Does Compensation in your company engage in “best practice” or “best fit”?

Might be a good idea to check this out in the New Year. "Best Practice" was invented by consulting firms who want to sell 'stuff' to organizations and know the 'testimonial system' does that. It is universally. PDF | On, David Morris and others published Strategic Reward Systems: Understanding the Difference between 'Best Fit' and 'Best Practice.

Best Practice Reward Systems Best practice and best fit rewards system
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