George m. sprowls best thesis award

EECS presents awards for outstanding PhD and SM theses

Sprowls awards for outstanding research contributions in the field of electronic computer and investigation research were presented to Miguel Castro '01 Microsoft Research Ltd. The Doctoral Dissertation Award DDA is for doctoral students who demonstrate significant originality and technical competence in any supply chain function.

Under his direction, the company is transforming the way enterprises view communications as a key driver of business visibility, process improvement, and results.

Best dissertation award

Progress continues on the construction of the Stata Center and our excitement builds daily as we grow nearer to the completion date in the fall of Nickolai Zeldovich Itay Berman, advisor: At the annual department social and awards ceremony held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the following VI-A students were honored: Newton prizes for the best undergraduate laboratory projects were awarded to Sourav Dey and Manu Seth.

However, most VI-A students find this program professionally rewarding and a source of satisfaction. He is a fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research and an associate editor of the Journal of Cryptology and Information and Computation.

Eight Centuries of Financial Follyshows the remarkable quantitative similarities across time and countries in the run-up and the aftermath of severe financial crises.

Walter Campbell Have you seen this video yet. Three seniors were presented with the Robert A. He established that this is, indeed, the case for the perfect matching polytope — proving that linear programming cannot be used to solve the matching problem in polynomial time.

The book argues that although much of modern macroeconomics abstracts from the nature of currency, it is in fact lies at the heart of some of the most fundamental problems in monetary policy and public finance. Chanen Writing Award for the best 6. Make a competitive environment for business, instead of casting them as the enemy, and you will have jobs and prosperity, and sense of self worth instilled in your citizenry.

There he worked on usable security in IoT devices under David Wagner.

Fall 2015 Thesis Awards

To compare, instudents applied and 42 were selected, while in73 students applied and 41 were selected. Last year substantial changes to the VI-A requirements were made to maximize flexibility for students by allowing easy entrance and exit at any time.

Before joining USV, Albert was the president of del. Jeff Daniels is woefully ignorant or rather Aaron Sorkin who apparently wrote the monologue of what Freedom actually means, and is completely oblivious to things like socialism, government regulation, personal liberty, etc.

Ok, did you watch it. Tucker Prize recognizing the best doctoral thesis in optimization in the past three years. George Chen is an assistant professor of information systems at Heinz College and an affiliated faculty member of the Machine Learning Department.

Like Lee, Rothvoss has developed a keen interest in bridging the gap between discrete and continuous optimization, inspired by the emergence of machine learning and massive datasets that have opened up new lines of inquiry at the intersection of those two historically divergent fields.

I know we are probably of like minds on this, but let me vent here. His research focuses on the theoretical aspects of data management. Before that, he was a Ph.

Comparing multilateral and bilateral exchanges for content distribution

For the past 18 years he has been involved in developing and shipping tools for developers, including leading a team of 15 at Compuware, spread across the globe.

To this end, in addition to developing nonparametric predictors, George also produces theory for when and why they work, and identifies forecast evidence that would be helpful to practitioners for decision making. Albert graduated from Harvard College in economics and computer science and holds a Ph.

Ran Canetti Aloni Cohen, advisors: Marten van Dijk Alex Konradi, advisor: Previously, Steve was a founder of BladeLogic, Inc. Simple, and effective, he nailed it. The problem, as is so often the case, the left, and Sorkin in this case, are so full of themselves, so intent on satisfying their own intellectual ego, that there can be no truth, no solution, no revelation, unless THEY thought of it.

Senturia and graduate student Nimisha V. We wish her the best. Orran Krieger Saeed Valizadeh, advisor: He previously earned Best Paper at STOC for his work on an approximation algorithm for solving the Steiner tree problem — a particularly important problem in the field of network design.

Frans Kaashoek, Nickolai Zeldovich. Competition for Dissertation Award.

Swarun Kumar

Ok, did you watch it. He received his PhD from Stanford University inwhere he developed HiStar, an operating system designed to minimize the amount of trusted code by controlling information flow.

thesis Pushing the Limits of Wireless Networks, Swarun Kumar, Ph.D Thesis, MIT (George M. Sprowls Outsanding Thesis Award) A Content-Centric Network for Autonomous Driving, Swarun Kumar, Masters Thesis, MIT [LINK].

Michael has been recognized with the NSF CAREER award, as well as the George M. Sprowls Award for best doctoral thesis in Computer Science at MIT. He holds Ph.D. and M.S.

degrees in Computer Science from MIT, and a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. Ankur is the recipient of numerous awards underscoring his academic and professional career: the George M. Sprowls Award (best thesis), the William A.

Martin Award (best thesis) for his doctoral and master's dissertations; inthe NSF CAREER Award; inthe Sloan Research Fellow Award. George M. Sprowls best doctoral thesis award from the MIT EECS Department. After his Ph.D. study, he won the best publication award from INFORMS applied probability society in (given to one paper per two years) and the best paper award at the premier networking conference, ACM MOBIHOC He is the first-ever recipient of.

He was a co-winner of the George M. Sprowls Award for best computer science doctoral thesis at MIT, and his work on the distinct elements problem received the best paper award at. Kellis received the US Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), the National Science Foundation CAREER award, a Sloan Research Fellowship, the Athens Information Technology (AIT) Niki Award for Science and Engineering, the Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching award, and the George M.

Sprowls Award for the best Ph.D.

Ankur Moitra


George m. sprowls best thesis award
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